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About PAMS

Transparency improves efficiency by identifying bottlenecks, minimizing wastefulness and maximizing the impact of spent resources. PAMS brings more transparency to your projects by providing a safe digital environment to share critical information among working parties.


With PAMS, you decide what type of information you want to collect, manage and share. It allows you to quickly design a project which fits the needs for your business operation.

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Traceability is a core feature in PAMS making it a catalyst for collaboration and encouraging accountability. We track all transactions, register who was responsible for content creation and when was the information modified. The history of data modifications for each object can be easily viewed.

PDF reports and maps can instantly be generated for anything stored in PAMS. All reports have an embedded QR code which can be used to validate their authenticity.

Once you have set up a project, you can invite various stakeholders, give them login credentials, assign them to different teams and give access rights. Team members can then upload information in the form of checklists, field surveys, pictures, videos, documents and geo-locations.

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Geospatially enabled

Most assets, events or transactions have some location data that you may want to capture.
Procurement personnel may want to know where their suppliers are located. Geo-locations can also be used to optimize logsitics, reduce transportation costs and lower emissions.

With PAMS you can instantly create real time maps from your project data, integrate custom maps, or import imagery acquired by satellites and drones.

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Advanced yet easy mapping tools

Smartphones and tablets


PAMS users can add location data to any object. Locations can be represented as points, lines (for linear objects such as roads and rivers), as well as areas. For efficient navigation, background maps and an address search function is  available.

GPS data can be captured directly on-site using a smartphone. You can track the locations of assets and capture enclosed areas such as facilities or farms. The dedicated App collects validated GPS coordinates eliminating the risk of tampered location data.


Drones and satellite imagery


A bird's eye view provides an objective evaluation for any asset. You can import aerial or satellite data as geo-tagged images which are pinned to their true locations. You and your team can then analyze the imagery and register insightful observations. This is also useful to monitor remote locations saving lots of travel time and costs.

Custom maps and sensor data


Thematic maps can be integrated into your project giving you a deeper geographic understanding of your sourcing area. Estate boundaries, concession areas and conservation zones can be combined to build a solid basis for sustainability claims. PAMS can also connect to your own company's database and IOT sensors.

A place for new ideas

PAMS can accommodate many of your data collection, traceability and automation needs. We are always keen to listen to your requirements and jointly design a solution that fulfills your goals.
Here is a list of applications where PAMS
is used.


Farm Management

PAMS brings transparency to large farming enterprises by including precision farming technology into daily operations.


The farm log in PAMS keeps track of all inputs applied to specific fields thereby providing insights about available resources and identifying yield limiting factors.


Inspections & Audits

Our clients use PAMS to conduct field surveys, audits and inspections using paperless checklists.

Field technicians use their smartphones to report their findings and collect documentary evidence. Project and account managers then automatically generate reports in real time.


Sustainability & CSR

Sustainability managers use PAMS to document the impact of their projects. You can monitor the status of social and environmental criteria, such as the spread of schools and sanitation in remote villages or  the regeneration of degraded ecosystems.


Pest Management

Rodents and insects infestation can cause large losses to commodities which are stored in warehouses.
Detailed information about pest management is required by third party audits such as FSSC2200 and ISO standards.
Pest control companies use PAMS to collaborate with their clients for monitoring pest activity.

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Innovative solutions for a sustainable world

PAMS is developed and operated by Peterson Technologies
Being a member of the global Control Union network, Peterson Technologies delivers industry specific expertise along with the latest geospatial and digital technologies for a wide range of industries and functions such as Certifications, Commodity and Industrial Inspections, Agriculture, Forestry, Textiles, Supply chain and Traceability.


PAMS is a readily available solution to accelerate your company's digital transformation in a transparent way.

The software is developed in-house giving the highest consideration for the privacy and security of your data.

In case the standard service doesn't fully match your needs, we offer customized features and solutions.


Ocean Bound Plastic

Companies wanting to certify to Ocean Bound Plastic can use PAMS to manage their collectors, document their activities and prove compliance to the OBP rules. You can Geo-reference your OBP collections,
keep all the daily record data in an organized way and facilitate
the traceability of your collected OBP.



Knowing the suppliers you source from is fundamental to improve your sustainability efforts, especially in relation to achieving a deforestation-free supply chain.  That’s where traceability comes in. Using PAMS you can understand how much of your products can be traced to the country of origin or to a supplier within that country. 

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PAMS is offered on the basis of annual subscription agreements.

The subscription includes a training to help you get started with setting up your first project.

We offer flexible usage fees depending on the size and scope of your operation, number of users as well as the amount of resources we need to support your project.

We always consider the limitations and the growth potential for smaller businesses and non-profits organizations.

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Let's make things better

Transparency and efficient monitoring is a key factor to make your projects succeed.

To get in touch, kindly send us an e-mail at and tell us what's in your mind.

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